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The Future Blue LED Watch

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* Up until now, timepieces were stuck in boring old analog or digital mode. But times they are a changing! Say hello to this cool watch, a blue LED watch from the future which articulates the essence of cool by revolutionizing how we tell time. receiving method: Incident light and reflected light
* Measure up to an accuracy of 0.1 EV
* Light receptor element: Silicon photo diode
* Metering modes:
* Ambient light: Shutter priority metering EV metering
* Flash: With synchro cord
* Dimension: L140 x E63 x D35mm


* The Future Blue LED Watch
* Stylish and Cool!
* Time and Date function
* 12 LED lights for hour display
* 60 LED lights for minutes display
* Screen: 72 blue LED lights for time and date display
* Watch Face: Rectangular 33 mm x 57 mm
* Material: Onyx/Carbonate colored metal strap
* Length: ~ 170 mm
* Number of Segments: 20
* Segment length: ~ 8 mm
* Clasp: Two button safety design
* Buttons (right-side)
* Top (hour and date display + select)
* Button (change mode)
* Settings: Time, Date, Luminosity
* Power: CR2032 (x2) pre-installed
* This watch is not waterproof
* User Manual聽 English
* Net weight: 0.112kg
* In retail packaging

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